6 Women’s Haircuts That Make You Look Youthful

Whether you realize it or not, women’s haircuts have a considerable influence on a person’s overall appearance. As you get older, maintaining your appearance is the main thing that must continue to be considered, especially by women. Apart from doing skin care, choosing the right hairstyle should not be underestimated.

Because, choosing the wrong hairstyle can also make you look older. You don’t need to be confused, because there are many models of 2021 women’s haircuts that can make you look cute and look younger. Come on, find out more in this article!

Women’s haircut mistakes that make you look old

Before knowing the recommendations for hairstyles to make you look fresher and more youthful, you need to know a few things to avoid first. Here are some mistakes in choosing a hairstyle that often makes a person look older than they should be. Let’s see

1. Choosing an Incorrect Gray Color

Apart from experimenting with hairstyles, changing your appearance by changing your hair color can be fun. Some people look more attractive after changing their original hair color to a new color, one of which is gray.

However, before changing your hair color to gray, it’s a good idea to plan carefully. Because, not everyone is suitable to have this hair color. Choose a gray tone that best matches your skin tone.

Not only that, it’s a good idea to apply a highlight or ombre technique and avoid painting the entire hair with the same gray color. This is because gray blocks are prone to making some people appear older.

2. Hair That Is Too Long

In some societal traditions, there are those who still hold the belief that women should have long hair. Even so, it’s good to avoid having a hairstyle that is too long. The reason is, long hair that exceeds the back is prone to make the face appear older.

This will get worse, if you just let your long hair cut evenly without layers. Without proper styling, long hair with flat ends that are left loose will make facial muscles seem to be pulled down. In addition, hair that is too long will make your hair look thinner and fall out easily.

3. Very Straight Distyling Hair

Forcing hair to look very straight doesn’t seem like the right choice. Haircuts for women that are very straight can make hair look too thin and create a limp impression.

Especially for those of you who have wavy or curly hair, you should avoid styling your hair too straight. Because, this will usually make your face look even thinner so that it can cause annoyance, lethargy and older.

4. Styling the hair with the middle part

The middle section has indeed become a popular 2018 women’s haircut model. However, if it is not balanced with the right hairstyle, styling your hair in the middle part is at risk of making you look older.

This is because the middle parting will make the focus of the face look even more down, so that the face looks less fresh. To outsmart, try adding a little bangs if you still want to choose a middle part hairdo.

5. Thick and flat cut bangs

Bangs can be the perfect finishing touch to complement your preferred female haircut. Some Korean artists look very cute with bangs. However, you also need to know exactly what kind of bangs are right to choose. Choosing thick, flat bangs seems like something to avoid.

Because, cut bangs like this will cover your face and make your eyes look smaller. Instead of wanting to get a cute look, you will actually look older and lethargic.

6. Choosing a high and large bun style

Confused about choosing a woman’s haircut to go to a party? For those of you who have long hair, you can choose to make a hair bun when attending a formal party. However, don’t let the hair bun you make look too tall or big, huh. Because, a large bun that resembles a bun will make your appearance look old school.

Also try not to pick your hair too tight if you don’t want wrinkles and dark spots on your face to be obvious. Instead, you can pin your hair a little loose and pull out a little of the front of the hair to make a ponytail.

Haircut Models for Women to Look More Ageless

If you have avoided the mistakes mentioned above, now is the time to choose a haircut style that can make you look younger. Not only can they present a cute impression, the following hairstyles will also make your appearance look fresher and less boring.

You can choose to change your hair style by changing colors, changing your bangs, or cutting your hair shorter. Come on, see in full!

1. Soft Bangs


Soft Bangs

Soft bangs haircut model has been used by beautiful artists Emma Stone, to the Duchess of Cambridge. The appearance of the three became cuter and fresher with thin side bangs.

Not only that, with thin side bangs, you can easily get a feminine look without having to wear excessive hair accessories. Soft bangs hairstyle will be more suitable with women’s short haircut.

2. Wavy Bobs


Wavy Bobs

Bob haircut women will always be the right choice to use from year to year. If you are bored with the original straight hair texture, you can make the appearance look more attractive by adding waves or wavy accents to your hair.

Not only will you get a new, fresher look , your hair will also appear more volume and make you look younger. Wavy bobs are also suitable as an idea for a round face women’s haircut, because they can cover the cheeks and create a thin impression on the face.

3. Messy Shag


Messy Shag

Messy is new kind of beauty. This expression seems very apt to be pinned on this messy shag haircut model . With the layers that are deliberately messy , you will look more free-spirited.

Indirectly, this will also make your youthful aura radiate more. The gentle layering of this hairstyle will not make your hair look thinner, thus preventing you from looking older.

4. Face Framing Highlight

Brunette lob with subtle face framing highlights

Face framing highlights hairstyles like Sarah Jessica Parker can be an option for those of you who have long hair and want to look younger. Choose two tones of dark and light colors for your long hair. Make a light color as a highlight that is applied to the bangs.

Highlights serve to give the impression of a fresher and more contemporary look, so you won’t look older. In addition, don’t forget to make your haircut seem to frame your face, to bring out the sweet yet elegant impression seen in the portrait of Sarah Jessica Parker.

5. Edgy Pixie Cut


Confused looking for short haircut ideas for women? If so, this edgy pixie cut can be used as a reference. Not only practical, you can also look fresher and more youthful with this one hairstyle.

Because, super short haircuts like this can make your face more exposed, thus preventing you from feeling sluggish and old. To get an even more attractive appearance, you can dye the short hair in bright colors.

6. Braids Hairstyle


Long blonde hairstyle with side braids

For you who want to look younger without having to cut the hair, apply a style braids or braid can be used as an alternative. Not only can it be used in everyday life, a braid hairstyle is also suitable to be created when you want to attend a party or semi-formal event.

Braiding long hair to the side in a french braids style will make your appearance look younger and up to date. Meanwhile, to get a more feminine appearance , you can create loose braids, aka let the braids look loose and let your long bangs flow sideways.

Apart from choosing the right haircut, an equally important step to make your appearance more youthful is to always maintain healthy hair. Because, dull and damaged hair can also make you look shabby and look older.

Dull hair itself can be caused by various things, such as exposure to dust, pollution, to sunlight due to daily activities. For this reason, cleaning hair optimally and thoroughly after activities is very important to do.

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