12 Ways to Take Care of Dry Hair

Hair is a crown for women. Therefore, dry and dull hair often makes our self-confidence decrease. To deal with dry, branched, and coarse hair, special care products are needed to solve these hair problems. Apart from using products from outside, you can also make your own hair care.

One way is to make masks to treat dry hair from natural ingredients. For more details, here are 12 ways to treat dry hair :

1.Use hair products that function to moisturize

The first way to treat dry hair is to use hair care products that are intended for dry hair. Products such as shampoos or conditioners that have moisturizing properties are great for use on dry hair. Usually the shampoo formulated for this type of hair has a lower pH which functions to keep the hair moisturized.

One of the shampoos that you can rely on to treat dry hair is HEAD & SHOULDERS Suprême Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo, which contains argan which is known as a natural ingredient to moisturize skin and hair.

head and shoulders

As the name implies, this shampoo can also help treat hair loss problems at the same time. Not only that, the content of Argan Crème⁺, honey extract, argan oil, ZPT, and conditioner is also able to help lock hair moisture and repair dull hair, thus helping your hair look shiny and feel soft. In addition, make sure you don’t use too much shampoo when shampooing.

2.Use Hair Mask Routinely

The second way to treat dry hair is to regularly use a hair mask. You don’t need to wait for your hair to be damaged and dry first to use it. You can use this one method of treating dry hair regularly. The hair mask will help moisturize and nourish your hair so it doesn’t dry out.

You can choose a hair mask product that is intended for treating dry hair. Or you can also make it yourself using natural ingredients such as honey, olive oil, coconut oil, or aloe vera. Use a hair mask every one to two times per week.

3.Know the Right Time to Shampoo

Know the Right Time to Shampoo

The third way to treat dry hair is to know the right time to wash it. If you think that shampooing every day is a good thing because it will make your hair cleaner then this is not true. Shampooing every day using shampoo will actually make your hair lose its natural oil content.

As a result, the hair will become dry and branched. Therefore, shampooing using shampoo is recommended to be done once every two days.

4.Use conditioner after shampooing

The fourth way to treat dry hair is to use conditioner after every shampooing. How to treat dry hair, which is quite important to do. This is because conditioner is like a moisturizer that can replace lost hair oil after shampooing. In addition, conditioners can also make your hair brighter and not dull, brittle, or split ends.

5.Reduce Use of Straighteners and Hair Dryer

Reduce Use of Straighteners and Hair Dryer

The fifth way to treat dry hair is to reduce the use of straighteners and hair dryers. The heat generated by flat irons and hair dryers can dry out your skin. Therefore it is not advisable to use a flat iron and hair dryer every day. But if you have to, make sure the hair styling tool you use is from a trusted brand.

In addition, also use hair vitamins and / or other products that can protect hair from the heat generated by flat iron and hair dryers.

6.Don’t Use Warm Water On The Hair

The sixth way to treat dry hair is not to use warm water on the hair. Bathing in warm water may feel very nice and pleasant. In addition, bathing with warm water can also provide various benefits for the body.

But unfortunately, warm or hot water can dry out your hair and skin. So for those of you who have dry hair, you should avoid using warm water.

7.Consumption of special vitamins for hair

Consumption of special vitamins for hair

The seventh way to treat dry hair is to take special vitamins for hair. Just like skin and body, hair also needs vitamins to keep it healthy and moisturised.

If you feel that you are not consuming enough vegetables and fruits, then you can increase your body and hair vitamin needs by taking vitamin supplements. In addition to helping hair grow faster, hair vitamins can also keep hair healthy and make it shinier.

8.Use Hair Vitamin Products

The next way to treat dry hair is to use hair vitamins. You can choose hair vitamins according to the condition of your hair.

Especially if you want to do the styling process on your hair, then you need to use hair vitamin products to keep your hair from being exposed to heat from these tools. By using hair vitamins, hair will look more beautiful, smooth, and radiant.

9.Drink lots of water

Drinking lots of water can also be used as a way to treat dry hair. Because in addition to external care, care from the inside like this one is also very much needed to prevent hair from drying out.

Besides being good for hair, drinking lots of water is also good for your health. Therefore, drink water according to the recommended dosage, which is at least 8 glasses per day.

10.Diligently cutting hair

Diligently cutting hair

The next way to treat dry hair is to be diligent in cutting your hair. Hair that has not been cut and trimmed for a long time will have the potential to dry out and split ends. Therefore, regularly cutting the ends of your hair will make it healthier and free from split ends and dry hair.

11.Avoid Hair Coloring

The next way to treat dry hair is to avoid hair coloring. The process for coloring hair involves chemicals that dry out your hair. Therefore, for owners of dry hair, coloring hair is not recommended because it can worsen the condition of the hair. Especially if the coloring process involves bleaching your hair can become very dry and brittle.

12.Protect your hair with a hat

The last way to treat dry hair is to use a hat. Especially for those of you who often do outdoor activities, you must wear a hat to protect it from sun exposure and extreme weather that can dry out your hair.

In addition, hats can also protect your hair from dust and pollution so that your hair will stay clean. But you also don’t need to wear a hat too often so your hair can breathe.

These are 12 easy ways to treat dry hair that you can do at home. If you are diligent in doing it, your dry, dull, and branched hair will be lost. Good luck!


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